Wednesday, 29 February 2012

RA and Oscars

Rachel Antonoff is pure genius. Last year's fall collection was an incredible prom inspired ensemble and this year it was the childhood pretend game of riding a raft on the bed. I can imagine myself on one, in a outfit from the collection, preferably in Paris or an equally dreamy place.
Prim school-girl dresses, cute little skirts and badass shoes are the thang.
Her lookbook is gorgeous. SUMMER IS HERE!!!

Mr. Wendy the cat model and Alia Shawkat giving a performance.

Some pictures from the Oscars I just HAD to post.

Friday, 24 February 2012

mindless doodles.

I got a new computer. YAY!!!!!
I screened all these cheesy college movies as a little welcome to this fabulous piece of circuits and motherboards, followed by dark punk rock/glam rock inspired movies and documentaries which is pretty much what I have on my mind right now.
I collected some pictures in the last few days for inspiration.

Its sort of a huge jumble in my head right now. I will treat myself to some David Bowie videos.