Friday, 28 October 2011

the one that stands out.

I am sleep deprived (I don't know what possessed me to read Madonna's biography till 4 in the morning) and down with the worst case of cold ever. I have been avoiding all phone calls since morning and bed is my favorite place for the day (it always is).
I decided to rape my itunes today and thus, the random songs since morning.
I came across this very favorite of mine - Creep by Scala and Kolacny brothers (originally by Radiohead). I heard this hypnotizing track on a friend's tumblr.

(this song was featured in The Social Network)

Scala and Kolacny Brothers is a choir group from Belgium which has covered many other songs by U2, Nirvana , Police and other famous artists.
Their cover arts have been my wallpaper since forever.

There is something special about the way they dress.

I am a huge fan of another unusual band that plays instrumental rock - God is an astronaut. They create out of the world music. It takes you places and turns your world upside down.
This is my favorite track. It reminds me of mountains, snow and something lost.

Their cover arts are mind blowing.

Its true, music really can speak for a person. I have a math test to study for now.

& some things happen for the best.

The past week was a mix of outings, celebration, MATH, fights, tears and well self inflicted rage. Not to mention my constant state of sulking because I didn't have passes or suitable company for the Metallica concert. I was pretty depressed in the morning, until my sister took me out on a shopping spree (oh, yeah, pictures coming up as soon as I can find my camera which also has some beautiful clicks from the day before) to a very colorful flee market. Street markets have always been my thing especially when its just the right amount of cold (although I am already down with viral, blame the pathetic immune system and my brother who doesn't cover his mouth) and you get delicious food at the roadside.
However at the various metro stations, I saw bitter reminders of what I was trying to forget (I might be a little too dramatic here) in the form of people dresses in dark or rock themed outfits that practically screamed WE ARE GOING FOR METALLICA AND HERE YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING SO COOL.
I came back home feeling rather low, until a friend of mine called me up to narrate the Metallica-cancels-concert debacle. It was a HUGE shock. It turned into quite a riot what with people throwing flatscreens and chairs over each others heads. Not so suprisingly, Youtube already has a video of people actually cheering and hooting every time something flew from the stage. Its quite a shame actually, how there was no sign of proper security (as per told) or any responsible authority.
But deep down, the satan in me was secretly happy. I didn't miss Metallica after all. I know I am a selfish little bitch with no sense of sympathy whatsoever. Go on, sue me.

Lady Gaga is in Delhi (along with some other stars such as Edward Maya) already *squeals* and I HOPE I get to see her perform at the Grand Prix ie at the Formula One race which is happening at the recently built Buddh International Circuit (to think I used to live just a few miles from it before I moved). The excitement for those glorious event is almost static, you can feel it in the air.

Among other things, I recently finished the first season of Glee on DVD. I love they do the exact songs (beautifully sung and choreographed (SEE : costumes!)) for various situations, it is SO legit plus the glee verions of almost all the songs are as good as original. The episodes inspired by Madonna and Lady Gaga were my absolute favorites. I particularly liked Rachel's look.

'Don't stop believin' gave me goosebumps.

I don't know why people call Rachel a bad dresser. I think her outfits are pretty unique

I seriously need to find my medication and go to sleep. This cold is going to kill me. Or maybe the lame cheesy people who call you at 3 in the morning.
I am off now. 'night.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

just enjoy the show.

I forgot to add a bag. Add forgetfulness to my list of qualities, please?
But I absolutely love these shoes by Acne.
Nowadays, my mom leaves the food next to the stairs and rings a bell (because she doesn't want to 'waste her vocal chords on deaf people'). It makes me feel like a pet dog *woof* *woof*.


I am probably a little late at finding out about this (because lately I live under a rock thanks to school and MATH) but anyway, Cesare Paciotti, the magnificent creator of some lovely shoes, revealed his Fall 2011 collection along with his first ever fragrance 'Essence'. Unlike other perfumes, this one is encased in the heel of a shoe.

Its pretty cool how you won't have to carry it now. Just go to the ladies room (or not) take a sniff off your shoe (for once, it won't be smelly :P) and you're all set.
 For some reason, I am a little jittery today. Okay maybe not some reason, its the festivity. I am turning into such a nutcase. Plus the prices on phone calls have risen ALREADY so its not like I can talk to anyone either.

I am going stuff myself with some nutella & wafers and read a cheesy romantic novel while listening to a piece on violin when I should be studying for my math test next week because I am turning into an old lonely woman who doesn't even own cats.
Oh well.

Monday, 24 October 2011

asfdjkl *yawns*

I think I might be turning into an insomniac. I have ALMOST all the symptoms.
Anyway, as usual, I was wasting away on Looklet.

Will the cats near my house stop crying?! Its creepy.
I feel like one of those pregnant women who are irritated and hungry all the time.
Fuck mosquitoes.

what's that?

The streets, markets and houses are such a sight right now. There are lights EVERYWHERE. Red, blue, green, yellow, some shade between pink and purple, you name it.
Of course, its Diwali time, people go absolutely crazy. You can't walk straight in a market without crashing into 238938749873 people per minute.
I like the festivity. But, it always scares me. The aftermath filled with hopelessness when all the celebration dies down. Or maybe I am just a freak who cannot focus on the happiness and seeks depression.
Either way, I am in no mood to make an analysis :S 

Since my sister hates a clustered wardrobe, we were clearing up some stuff when I came across these pair of high waisted shorts. I remember the overdose of confidence with which I bought this color (florescent light blue), ignoring the more conventional brown, because I wanted to be an 'experimenter who learns from his mistakes' (I quote myself here :P).

Unfortunately, I never wore them and forgot about their existence until now. I really want to wear these but its difficult pairing it up. Any suggestions are welcome :S

I also decided to click a snap of these very cute Polka dot shorts I got from a thrift shop :D
Bleh, I am bad at clicking pictures. But these shorts still remain super cute.

My favorite pair of heels from Carlton London. Basic black.

And a random T-shirt because I liked the 'cli-ckk' sound of the camera every time I took a picture. And also because I have so many memories with it.
These pictures take SO freaking long to upload.

Anyway, I am off to read+youtube (:

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Yup, I am still up (that sort of rhymed :/) and not sleepy at all. Ok, maybe a little.

Looklet is turning a little addictive now :S
Anyway, now I am finally going off to sleep.
Gotta shitload syllabus to mug up tomorrow.

i can't sleep anyway.

This is what I do when I can't sleep =P

This is so legit. Perfect for some people.
Plus I love her dress and nail paint.

I have a sudden urge for some orange juice. Oh, well, back to looklet.

Back for the future!

I don't think anyone of us can forget 'Back to the future' and particularly, Marty Mcfly's self lacing trainers. I remember how he put them on like a boss and they just zipped themselves, not to mention the awesome blue light on the sides.
Michael J. Fox unveiled them at the David Lettermen Show. He teamed up with Nike and Ebay to auction off around 150 pairs in September. They were QUITE expensive :P

There are rumors on the internet how they are fake and don't actually tie up by themselves.
I can't know for sure unless of course I get my hands on a pair :P
But in the meantime, I have to say it is quite an achievement.

True to myself, I am still not going to study.

there you are my dearies!

I still haven't touched my accounts book *guilty*. Instead I was digging into my cupboard to well, get a little organized since I can't find some stuff *sheepish* :P
Anyway, just when the winters are around the corner, I found these buried deep down -

Wow these pictures took forever to upload. Anyway, they aren't ironed as such. However, I love the colors. More pictures coming up. I might just wear one and show off my stuff ;)

loosen up already!

My sister is going to meet some friends at Select Citywalk today. Thanks to the hike in petrol prices, she is using the metro like everybody else. Now, if you live in India, you probably know about the 'wonderful' people at the metro stations who burn holes in you with their eyes even if you reveal an inch of skin (or otherwise too).
So she can't wear shorts or a skirt nor denims or trousers (its still too hot).

So, for situations like these, there are the always in style Jodhpurs.

Or harem pants.

Classic Full and the one with scarves look very pretty :)

Carrot Pants are comfortable and chic. I have one in grey with a cute bow on the side :D

Wide legged trousers look good too. However often, they turn into a disaster. Not to be confused with boot cut and flares. Slightly wide looks perfect.

Patiala pants look pretty awesome too.

So I have to go and study for my pathetic accounts test. And also wallow in my black pit of loneliness with my books to keep me company on a Saturday night. 

Later then.
PS - The winters are creeping in, I cant wait to go shopping again! :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Prints & Colors (:

I hate school. Is it possible to die of too much stress? Because I am sure death is round the corner for me. Or an F in Math. Both are equally dreadful :/
I was caught bunking my English class today (I don't have anything against the subject, I love it, its the teacher -.-) and well, it wasn't pretty. I came out unscathed though.
To top it all,  I had a fight with the class topper/prefect because I threw her notebook and my friend was SUPPOSED to catch it but well, it landed on the floor separate from the cardboard cover. I apologized and volunteered to stick it for her but she called me a madwoman (its seems pretty funny now :P) and I gave her a piece of my own verbal abilities. It wasn't pretty either. So yeah sums up my day.

Anyway, I was going through the old issues of Cosmo I have (they never fail to entertain me), and came across numerous articles on printed garments.
Personally I believe, prints (as long as they aren't absurd) look beautiful on almost everything.

My absolute favorite are floral prints. They go with every piece of clothing.

I remember the wonderful floral print shirts I saw last time which were NOT AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE. I was ALMOST ready to look like a balloon in a size tad too big but my sister saved me. Nevertheless, I shall keep looking.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Suit up!

So I have developed a recent fetish for playsuits.
I had something like this :
but I gifted it to a friend who liked it a tad too much :P

Anyway, aren't these gorgeous?

It looks fabulous with a blazer.

And brogues.

Team it up with a scarf and voila!
Suit up!
I only slept for a few hours last night, thanks to a crazy sleepover. Now, I have an English test to study for.