Monday, 24 October 2011

what's that?

The streets, markets and houses are such a sight right now. There are lights EVERYWHERE. Red, blue, green, yellow, some shade between pink and purple, you name it.
Of course, its Diwali time, people go absolutely crazy. You can't walk straight in a market without crashing into 238938749873 people per minute.
I like the festivity. But, it always scares me. The aftermath filled with hopelessness when all the celebration dies down. Or maybe I am just a freak who cannot focus on the happiness and seeks depression.
Either way, I am in no mood to make an analysis :S 

Since my sister hates a clustered wardrobe, we were clearing up some stuff when I came across these pair of high waisted shorts. I remember the overdose of confidence with which I bought this color (florescent light blue), ignoring the more conventional brown, because I wanted to be an 'experimenter who learns from his mistakes' (I quote myself here :P).

Unfortunately, I never wore them and forgot about their existence until now. I really want to wear these but its difficult pairing it up. Any suggestions are welcome :S

I also decided to click a snap of these very cute Polka dot shorts I got from a thrift shop :D
Bleh, I am bad at clicking pictures. But these shorts still remain super cute.

My favorite pair of heels from Carlton London. Basic black.

And a random T-shirt because I liked the 'cli-ckk' sound of the camera every time I took a picture. And also because I have so many memories with it.
These pictures take SO freaking long to upload.

Anyway, I am off to read+youtube (:


  1. love your heels, they are hot!!

    One week till my giveaway ends so check it out :)


  2. Love the white shorts! You can pair them up with a plain black tee. High-waist shorts never get old. Play a business women. DON'T MISS THOSE HEELS. And you're ready for the day! Haah :)