Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Prints & Colors (:

I hate school. Is it possible to die of too much stress? Because I am sure death is round the corner for me. Or an F in Math. Both are equally dreadful :/
I was caught bunking my English class today (I don't have anything against the subject, I love it, its the teacher -.-) and well, it wasn't pretty. I came out unscathed though.
To top it all,  I had a fight with the class topper/prefect because I threw her notebook and my friend was SUPPOSED to catch it but well, it landed on the floor separate from the cardboard cover. I apologized and volunteered to stick it for her but she called me a madwoman (its seems pretty funny now :P) and I gave her a piece of my own verbal abilities. It wasn't pretty either. So yeah sums up my day.

Anyway, I was going through the old issues of Cosmo I have (they never fail to entertain me), and came across numerous articles on printed garments.
Personally I believe, prints (as long as they aren't absurd) look beautiful on almost everything.

My absolute favorite are floral prints. They go with every piece of clothing.

I remember the wonderful floral print shirts I saw last time which were NOT AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE. I was ALMOST ready to look like a balloon in a size tad too big but my sister saved me. Nevertheless, I shall keep looking.