Friday, 28 October 2011

the one that stands out.

I am sleep deprived (I don't know what possessed me to read Madonna's biography till 4 in the morning) and down with the worst case of cold ever. I have been avoiding all phone calls since morning and bed is my favorite place for the day (it always is).
I decided to rape my itunes today and thus, the random songs since morning.
I came across this very favorite of mine - Creep by Scala and Kolacny brothers (originally by Radiohead). I heard this hypnotizing track on a friend's tumblr.

(this song was featured in The Social Network)

Scala and Kolacny Brothers is a choir group from Belgium which has covered many other songs by U2, Nirvana , Police and other famous artists.
Their cover arts have been my wallpaper since forever.

There is something special about the way they dress.

I am a huge fan of another unusual band that plays instrumental rock - God is an astronaut. They create out of the world music. It takes you places and turns your world upside down.
This is my favorite track. It reminds me of mountains, snow and something lost.

Their cover arts are mind blowing.

Its true, music really can speak for a person. I have a math test to study for now.

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