Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I am probably a little late at finding out about this (because lately I live under a rock thanks to school and MATH) but anyway, Cesare Paciotti, the magnificent creator of some lovely shoes, revealed his Fall 2011 collection along with his first ever fragrance 'Essence'. Unlike other perfumes, this one is encased in the heel of a shoe.

Its pretty cool how you won't have to carry it now. Just go to the ladies room (or not) take a sniff off your shoe (for once, it won't be smelly :P) and you're all set.
 For some reason, I am a little jittery today. Okay maybe not some reason, its the festivity. I am turning into such a nutcase. Plus the prices on phone calls have risen ALREADY so its not like I can talk to anyone either.

I am going stuff myself with some nutella & wafers and read a cheesy romantic novel while listening to a piece on violin when I should be studying for my math test next week because I am turning into an old lonely woman who doesn't even own cats.
Oh well.

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