Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lakshmi Menon = hotness

A few years back I had a very biased opinion towards models. I mean why the hell should someone be paid for being skinny and partying? However, over the years it has changed drastically : P
Being a model is definitely not a child’s play. You must be in excellent shape without losing out on the health factor. Also walking on the ramp (in heels) in front of hundreds of accomplished people can be a little intimidating. Then there’s the pressure of looking good at all times.
Before my sister's first ramp show, she would walk for hours in heels up to 5 inches. At the end of the day, her feet would be all sore and blistered. Ever since, I have a new found respect for models.
Today, I saw a huge advertisement of the clothing line “Numero Uno” with Lakshmi Menon all over it.
I remember watching a video of her a year back. She was doing an interview for Vogue Italia in a pretty pink skirt. It’s amazing, how down to earth she is, in spite of all the fame and glamor.

She was seen at the last day of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week S/S 2012, one hell of a showstopper.

Apart from being such an accomplished model (Hermès, Max Mara, Givenchy, H&M, J Crew, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom), she rose past the baseless Indian norms of fair models being preferred over dark ones and proved that skin color does not define talent. She gives hope to thousands of young girls who consider themselves inferior because of their dusky skin tone.

I think she's a perfect role model for young girls all over.

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