Friday, 28 October 2011

& some things happen for the best.

The past week was a mix of outings, celebration, MATH, fights, tears and well self inflicted rage. Not to mention my constant state of sulking because I didn't have passes or suitable company for the Metallica concert. I was pretty depressed in the morning, until my sister took me out on a shopping spree (oh, yeah, pictures coming up as soon as I can find my camera which also has some beautiful clicks from the day before) to a very colorful flee market. Street markets have always been my thing especially when its just the right amount of cold (although I am already down with viral, blame the pathetic immune system and my brother who doesn't cover his mouth) and you get delicious food at the roadside.
However at the various metro stations, I saw bitter reminders of what I was trying to forget (I might be a little too dramatic here) in the form of people dresses in dark or rock themed outfits that practically screamed WE ARE GOING FOR METALLICA AND HERE YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING SO COOL.
I came back home feeling rather low, until a friend of mine called me up to narrate the Metallica-cancels-concert debacle. It was a HUGE shock. It turned into quite a riot what with people throwing flatscreens and chairs over each others heads. Not so suprisingly, Youtube already has a video of people actually cheering and hooting every time something flew from the stage. Its quite a shame actually, how there was no sign of proper security (as per told) or any responsible authority.
But deep down, the satan in me was secretly happy. I didn't miss Metallica after all. I know I am a selfish little bitch with no sense of sympathy whatsoever. Go on, sue me.

Lady Gaga is in Delhi (along with some other stars such as Edward Maya) already *squeals* and I HOPE I get to see her perform at the Grand Prix ie at the Formula One race which is happening at the recently built Buddh International Circuit (to think I used to live just a few miles from it before I moved). The excitement for those glorious event is almost static, you can feel it in the air.

Among other things, I recently finished the first season of Glee on DVD. I love they do the exact songs (beautifully sung and choreographed (SEE : costumes!)) for various situations, it is SO legit plus the glee verions of almost all the songs are as good as original. The episodes inspired by Madonna and Lady Gaga were my absolute favorites. I particularly liked Rachel's look.

'Don't stop believin' gave me goosebumps.

I don't know why people call Rachel a bad dresser. I think her outfits are pretty unique

I seriously need to find my medication and go to sleep. This cold is going to kill me. Or maybe the lame cheesy people who call you at 3 in the morning.
I am off now. 'night.

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