Saturday, 22 October 2011

loosen up already!

My sister is going to meet some friends at Select Citywalk today. Thanks to the hike in petrol prices, she is using the metro like everybody else. Now, if you live in India, you probably know about the 'wonderful' people at the metro stations who burn holes in you with their eyes even if you reveal an inch of skin (or otherwise too).
So she can't wear shorts or a skirt nor denims or trousers (its still too hot).

So, for situations like these, there are the always in style Jodhpurs.

Or harem pants.

Classic Full and the one with scarves look very pretty :)

Carrot Pants are comfortable and chic. I have one in grey with a cute bow on the side :D

Wide legged trousers look good too. However often, they turn into a disaster. Not to be confused with boot cut and flares. Slightly wide looks perfect.

Patiala pants look pretty awesome too.

So I have to go and study for my pathetic accounts test. And also wallow in my black pit of loneliness with my books to keep me company on a Saturday night. 

Later then.
PS - The winters are creeping in, I cant wait to go shopping again! :)

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