Tuesday, 21 February 2012

i wish i was made of granite.

Just because I want to take up meditation and switch my subjects from Business Studies & Accounting to History & Political Science, doesn't mean I am turning into a 'hippie freak who believes in freak-ish stuff' (I HOPE YOU READ THIS MOM, DAD AND FELLOW CLASSMATES).
I just want to broaden my horizons and actually study something I like. I don't know if this change on my part will turn into another pathetic mistake that backfires in my face but I cannot keep on dwelling on the past and stop taking chances. I'd rather sit all alone in a dark room protected by a zillion armors, afraid to breathe in this cruel world with its bacteria filled air and eczema infesting slums.
I haven't been able to read much except a short-stories book by Jeffery Archer. I haven't been able to do much of anything except learn the advantages of entering a Joint Venture and not backstabbing your stronger, more efficient partner EVER.
I did make a Journal though, after reading a post at the Teenage Construct and also going through my VERY embarrassing and hilarious journals from 8th and 9th grade (Also on Live Journal, when I thought writing is so overrated). Why did I ever stop keeping one? I was such a GIRL. My obsessions ranged from Ben Barnes to weight loss to lack of an internet connection to EDWARD CULLEN. I have so many pictures of Narnia, Twilight, Hilary Duff and James Bond?
I made lists of fictional hot guys and complained about attending a lousy extra math class where they made us use an abacus to do calculations. Also I hated my family for being so self centered and ignorant. Nobody even bothered to know about my excellent grades or the boy who teased me in class *sigh*.
Thus, I HAVE TO record these fascinating yet bothersome years of my life. Plus I love decorating my Journal with pictures of Hugh Grant and other awesomeness. Pictures coming soon.
Meanwhile I will try to catch up on the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week that ended yesterday. I hate my internet connection.


  1. MY MOM IS LITERALLY FORCING ME TO TAKE UP PURE COMMERCE. I want to take up history and phsycho and Eco and math. She says, "I want you to go to SRCC because you'l start getting job offers by the third year. Think practically." I'm vacillating. :/

  2. I can understand. Exactly what my parents say.