Monday, 6 February 2012

not again.

Exams are ruining my life. I keep dreaming about all the fantastic things I will do after I am done with this torture. I need to plaster my walls with some more of my creativity, get lace curtains and cushions for the window seat, work on my book (I KNOW RIGHT) and read as many issues as possible of Rolling Stone.
Also, I discovered TWO very unusual libraries near my house and want to visit them only after I am free of all buderns and worthy of such a pure place.
Meanwhile, I read a chapter of this enchanting book between my Math exercises.

The situations and problems that Riley, Alice and Paul have to face are quite mundane, however, they create an exquisite world of their own, where every tiny little problem seems like a huge hurdle. Its the way the words are woven together in this book, an ever lurking sadness in the background that stays even when everyone is sound and happy. It seems as if you are inside the character's head and viewing everything through their imagination, where every moment is exaggerated ten-fold giving it an odd magical quality. Its annoying, how at times Alice is TOO shy and gullible while Paul can be TOO much in love and overly dependent, contradicting his original personality.

To curb my huge tiny bubble of anxiety (see : EXAMS) that at times erupts out of nowhere, I decided to watch a movie along the lines of optimism and 'nothing is impossible'.

The Art Of Getting By.

(what the hell happened to

It had an opposite affect on me. Why should I waste time getting good grades and doing something I don't like when we all are going to die in the end anyway? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? WHY ARE BUTTERFLIES COLORFUL?

I need to go, find-the-purpose-for-my-existence crisis.


  1. Don't throw your books out the window just yet! If you plan on going to University later on in life you can learn what YOU wanna learn e.g why are butterflies colourful? And sometimes to gain access to the wonderful world of further study we have to sit terrible exams... keep daydreaming and you'll get through! Also thank you for following my blog - looking forward to reading more of yours soon xoxo Minna

  2. I know right. The awesome world of further studies.
    *sigh* the only reason I try to get good grades.