Monday, 30 January 2012

the things that I forgot to do.

This year is definitely full of first times. I got my first ZERO on a test.

After a series of smokes in the washroom and an eternity of bawling my eyes out, I came to the clasroom and slept instantly only to see myself as a fractured parrot in an awful dream. I was a bird yet I couldn't fly.
The very next day I got myself a math tutor who comes at 7 in the morning for two hours of unimaginable torture.

I have been up to a lot of stuff lately.
Reading about
Ashton Kutcher and Cece Mcdonald who deserves a LOT more attention than the former.

I have entered the Factory Girl phase where I like all things Warhol and/or Sedwigck.

I like Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce.

My new found love for old Bollywood movies. Not exactly new, but I didn't want to embrace it because my parents LOVE them and listen to these amazing songs every night while exchanging stories about their childhood crushes and how they danced at a wedding till 4 in the morning. I pretend to hate it like every other object of their desire until now when I cannot hide my feelings anymore. I NEED TO LET MY BEAUTIFUL AFFECTIONATE FEELINGS TO FLOW PAST THE CONSTRICTING DAM OF MAKE-BELIEVE HATRED AND INDIFFERENCE.

I have done something fabulous to my walls, pictures coming up as soon as I can find my camera.


  1. If you liked Factory Girl, you should watch The Notorious Betty Paige. Not that they're related in any way but I watched them around the same time and this was set in the 50s and Factory Girl sort of seemed to take off from there chronologically.

  2. The third picture creeps me out.. Eeeks. D:
    Zero in Math? I hate math. -,-

  3. I have a heard a lot about it. I've been meaning to see it for a while now. It has the whole 50's feel to it.

    and yep Math it is.

  4. You know,once you pass out of school, the zero in math will be very memorable! And I do that with my parents too a lot..pretend to not like something they love!

  5. Ah! Warhol the very reason for my existence.