Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I am not insane.

Poor Evelyn..

Pearl Harbor has the magical ability to invoke a disgustingly emotional overflow of mushy feelings and WHY THE HELL DID DANNY HAVE TO DIE? HE'S SO MUSCULAR AND NICE, LET HIM LIVE!!!

File:Jaime King Pearl Harbor.jpg
Definitely the 40's. I knew secretly, nurses look awesome.

I do not generally cry while watching movies, but lately I have been a little hormonal (see: cravings for potato wedges topped with gummy bears) and a boxer dad striving to feed his poverty stricken family without complaing about his broken hand or tattered pride isn't much help.
Especially, when it is based on a
TRUE event.

For some weird reason, I cannot get this song out of my head. I hope it troubles you too.


  1. I completely share your emotions on these movies :)

  2. HAHAHAH. omg. I so love what you've written. Feel the same :P

  3. Pearl Harbour is one of my favorites. You are so friggin right!

  4. Pearl harbor and cinderella man.. i love both the movies!