Thursday, 29 December 2011

I don't believe in making wishes.

All my life, I have yearned for beautiful unreachable things that fill me with longing and desire yet I do not believe in putting them in lists to increase my agony. Wishlists seem like one of those dreamy gooey candies you see at the popcorn counter in movie theatres, that seem exclusive and distant.  
Therefore, I must resort to visually pleasing myself till I can actually hold these frobidden delicacies.  

Peter pan collar dress.

White lace dress.

Plaid Skirt.

And all of this.


  1. Wishlists are stupid! And agonizing. And make you feel like a loser when you dont get anything n them! Here's to never making wishlists again!

  2. i like the way you think..!!
    and love those peter pan collar and plaid skirt.. :)

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