Tuesday, 27 December 2011

the inside of your head is scarred.

I had the worst Christmas ever. See : sulking in my room while my parents think I am studying. Also end up sneaking out and sitting in the park trying to look sad and mysterious while listening to Opeth.

But I did watch THIS to inject some festiveness inside me.
Although I did go out for a party on Christmas eve. I don't know if loud music, booze and drunk girls throwing all over the place is supposed to be fun. Followed by a freak who drives maniacally and consumes cigarettes like a pack of munchies. I really need to find better friends -.-

Last night wasn't half as bad, I went for a sleepover with my sister's friends. We watched Saw and Addams Family. Initially, I meshed in pretty well with these people but eventually I withdrew and occupied an alienated bed with the softest quilt ever.
Other days are plain and boring with my guilt for not studying all over the place. A little voice in my head is still asking me to study while I scroll through these amazing designs by Phoebe English.


  1. I am so happy I do not have to study for exams anymore..
    anyways, there will be many more fun and amazing christmases in your life ahead, so do not worry and relax :)

  2. I don't understand the hype about holidays season either..there's just so much pressure to 'enjoy' and have the best time ever, that we totally forget to ACTUALLY have fun!
    I feel you.

  3. Hey, I bought those shoes from GK M block market, Delhi :)