Friday, 2 December 2011

across the universe?

These are some of my favourite Life Magazine covers.

Now, its an online magazine as it ceased publishing a while back.

Lately, I have been missing The X-files a tad too much.

I remember my 12 year self rooting for Scully and Mulder while popping in cream tarts and Krispies.
Also my first X-files book was about mutant twins who were seperated as kids but meet up eventually. It doesn't get better.

Dana Scully was one of a kind, sassy imma-gonna-kick-your-ass agent, who could pull off hot while being tough as a nail. I loved her crisp suits, leather jackets, tweed coats and occasional dressy outfits.

One of the local channels in our area was showing Grease 2 last night (again), which certainly DOESN'T beat the original, but isn't rotten either.

This song has the ability to get stuck in your head and stay there for ages.

Everyone in my house is busy raising a pup they found at the nursery yesterday. Its a lazy bum of a dog who can sleep anywhere in any position possible.


  1. okay so that's what..four things I barely know anything about. (O_o) Thank you for enlightening me. Clearly, I live under a rock.


  2. Aaaaaah. :P
    Yess! LIFE! :) <3 Sigh. I miss it. Loved the Audrey one. :P Audrey love. :P

    Oh and GREASE 2! Have to watch it!!! :(

  3. In the initial months, my blog's background was all Merilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. ;P

  4. You have a great thing going here with this blog. Love the LIFE mag covers. :)