Friday, 9 December 2011

Can I poison you?

I was supposed to attend a follow up wedding event today with my sister but I chose to stay at home and stuff myself with greasy pizza and butterscotch mousse. I saw Ghost World after a long long time. The only respectable movie on my laptop since my dog decided to chew the portable disk's wire.
I don't know why it gives me butteflies in the stomach. It reminds me of a hospital I visited once, with stark white chairs under a green shed where I sat for hours waiting for my brother to come out. A girl, who was under special medication, had escaped from her room and was running around with a syringe.

(click pictures for source)
I love the serene neighborhood, plain white and striped houses, metal railings, pink walls, random pants on the floor, a bus that never comes, a wannabe 50's cafe, Enid's room, Seymour's record room, orange punch at parties, leather mini skirts, green hair & ancient phones.

Enid is the perfect example of a self assured cynic with a cruel sense of humour and a hidden craving for acceptance. However, as much as I would like to be an Enid, I know I am a Rebecca. I would mould myself into whatever is required and just sway along. The quiet, slightly less witty girl who wants to be quirky and more of a talker, but prefers to remain in her comfort zone. Getting on a bus which goes nowhere will always remain a secret fantasy for  her.

Anyhow, it is not unknown how much Enid and Daria resemble. Personally, I think Enid has a wicked streak in her and is more outspoken unlike Daria. Also she is more daring what with the hair dyes and bright red lipsticks.

I want to watch reruns of Big Bang theory but I am considering going to bed already if it means not listening to my dad's uneccesary complaints about everything in general.


  1. i've never seen this! i want to check it out!

    and im catching up on big bang right now :)

  2. I do not know about this movie.. the pictures look interesting so I guess I am going to watch it now :) :)