Friday, 13 January 2012

a roll of circles.

Times like these make me realize the significance of something as mundane as watching a movie. Yesterday, I took the day off and watched this.

Witty and totally reletable with superb maps of faraway imaginary places that fill up your mind. I think this is the begining of my crazy obsession with Emma Roberts.

Also I think I am going to cry. TWIN PEAKS IS GLORIOUS AND I WANT TO LIVE THERE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND AFTELIFE. I am watching both the seasons again this year as per ritual, and oh my god, MOUNTAINS AND DOUGLAS FIRS, PLUS THAT CREEPY DERANGED MUSIC!!!
Another crazy begining *sigh*

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  1. Been meaning to see this for ages but haven't gotten round to it yet. Cool post.