Saturday, 5 October 2013


So I am a college freshman now. Yay. College was going to be the shizzz. A few months back, a peek inside my head would reveal images of partying out every night as me and my VERY RAD friends shared joints and clothes, listening to the Beatles as our car drove off into the sunset. I might have been slightly delusional.

Things I have accomplished as a first year in College -
  • managed to watch TEN season's of Grey's Anatomy in 2 months
  • worried about my mid semester exams as I continued to not touch my books
  • made friends with the librarian
  • drank 7643746 types of coffees
  • going to bed at 8 almost everyday
  • spending half my life in the metro

    On the plus side I have a boyfriend now. God life is so hard. Ugh people and ugh socializing. Look at these puppies.


    Also, I turned this University brochure I found somewhere into something. Certainly more productive than eating doughnuts.

    And a page from my embarrassing sixth grade journal -

    Yes, I finally have a scanner! More later.

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