Thursday, 12 April 2012

i don't know if i will see another highway.

I hate April. Its my least favourite month. Everything moves too slow, yet at the end of the day, I cannot comprehend where the day went and I still have TONS of homework. I was so sure that switiching subjects was the answer to all my problems but someone is sucking out the fun from my classes. Maybe its fatigue, or the heat OR the pressure of getting good grades, but I am ALWAYS hungry and sleepy. I feel detached and alienated in a way that makes everything white and hazy, like a huge white cloud seperates me from mankind. I know its just hormones and teenage years getting to me, but I want puberty to go away already. I am afraid I would feel this way forever :/
To vent out all the unusable energy I have, I made a beautiful scrapbook out of the billion University brochures lying beneath my bed. It looks really pretty.
Some apt right-now things -

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