Wednesday, 4 April 2012

city love.

Lately, I have developed a VERY unhealthy obsession for John Mayer. Its been while since I was so completely crazy about a song AND the artist as well (last was Slash) and here, Mr. Mayer has managed to achieve my love for an enitre album, his first- Room For Squares.

He looks so adorable and modest and intellegent and asdkdjkdjd.
Ok, never mind.

I ALSO, every night, watch Step Up even though I don't like it at all. I mean throughout the movie I would just make fun of them for living in a stupid fantasy world with a boombox wall in the middle on New York, having dance battles like actual wars in weird underground arenas, but secretly I just enjoy it and put it on repeat everyday. I am not into hip-hop or house music either, but somehow that movie manages to make it attractive. Damn.
Step Up 1 was so much better and believable but STILL I am drawn to the much more idiotic 3rd part.

I also came across this beautiful editorial - Baby It's you featuring Tati Cotaliar. It is captured by Benny Horne and styled by Stevie Huynh for the music issue of Oyster magazine. It tells the story of concert going groupies in a very legitimate and nostalgic way. I have an odd fascination groupies, probably because I have read so many books about them AND they remind me of the 60's music era, when Rock n Roll was on such a boom. I will always long to be born back then instead of NOW.


  1. Such a cute - I adore the images!

  2. Hello! Just came across your blog and it is lovely! We too are crazily smitten by John Meyer! :)