Sunday, 1 April 2012

she had a look of total fear in her eyes.

My sundays are a little different from other people. I start off the day by fighting over the phone, with a friend who, god knows, deserves to be cursed with a TON of homework for an eternity. Then, since I have no life OR even a TV in my room, I revise my lesson from the History class about the Indus Valley Civilization, which surprisingly, isn't boring at all just a bit tiring. Then, I do some of my Psychology homework and reblog cheesy pictures on Tumblr followed by a MOVIE *grins* and then, I blog about it. Ta-da! (my life deserves a book for being unbelievably glamourous and exciting).

This movie is brilliant and SO delecious, I mean by the end of it, you want to stuff yourself for the rest of your life and MAYBE, just maybe try to learn cooking. I am horrible at it, and I am not even exaggerating. Once, I tried to make noodles and broke the handle off the pan. Don't even ask how it happened. So, I most definitely think cooking is an art and some very lucky people are naturally gifted or at least learn to be good at it.

Among other things, I have been very annoyed of certain people lately who are so amazingly immature, that it isn't even funny (see : the friend I fought with today). For instance, yesterday in school, we all were just siting in the library and all of a sudden she goes "And god knows what will become of this girl who has never EVEN kissed a boy, mean who does that anymore? How come you don't have a boyfriend *laughs like a fucking hyena*"
I just chose to remain quite, like always because I cannot stoop down to somebody's godforsaken level. Its not as if I like being boyfriend less but I am not ashamed of it either. Being in a relationship has always been the least of my priorities, because I have always, very naturally, been more involved with my grades and other such things. I do like guys and hope to be with a nice guy someday, but I am not exactly starving or dying with the need of one right now. I am doing pretty well, thank you. As for making out or kissing, I am a huge fan of romance novels and sex or anything close does not disgust me (except a few parts maybe), its just that I PERSONALLY think that it is not an appropriate age for me to indulge in such activities right now when I will have an entire lifetime left. I don't want to get all so-serious-that-its-almost-like-being-married just now, because I know about a ton of girls who already are when we are just in HIGH SCHOOL. Now, people can call me a prude or a nun-in-making for all I care, I am going to stand by what I think anyway.


  1. Going to download this movie. I love meryl streep!

  2. You're not a prude. You're a totally well-brought up lady. Know that.

  3. I love it here. In fact, I'd have discussed everything in this blog over tea and coconut cookies every evening if I knew you ;)