Friday, 4 May 2012

put your loving hands on me baby.

Courtney Love's autobiographical art show 'And she's not even pretty' opened in Fred Torres Collaborations in New York!!! *maniacal teenage girl on the prowl* What is better than music composed by Hole? Well, ART to accompany the music composed by Hole! 
I want to pat Courtney on the back as we eat cookies and sip red wine while laughing at the 'art critics' who call her predictable and unqualified. This is her trademark style, and it is fabulous.

She called it a 'Kurt free zone' and also said "A lot of this collection is about one romance. It's embracing this thing in my life that haunted me.” Maybe its just me or her outfit, nostalgically, had slight remnants of her old 'kinderwhore' look.

The  John Galliano  wedding dress.

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