Saturday, 19 May 2012

don't i hold you like i want to?

Today was such a dumb day. I woke up at 6 on a SATURDAY to attend an extra class to find the entire school empty except the carpet men who were well, cleaning the carpets. Luckily, two other betrayed victims had shown up too, and together we bitched about the school authorities while snacking on our pathetic canteen food (I secretly like the bitter lemonade, YES I DO). I came back at 10 and finished my sleep and woke up and ate candy and watched loads of TV because summer break in a week!!!!

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Cable TV peepz. I even doodled some stuff from the movie, its probably lying under my bed now. Eddie Murphy looks SO happy all the time, I feel like a depressed mess next to him and his bright aura of joy and love. I want to snatch all his necklaces and fur coats, and live in a far off valley in my new life between the hills. 


Elizabethtown is perfection and so is Orlando Bloom and Kristen Dust, of course. The last scene, where Drew goes on a road trip with his dad's ashes and a scrapbook is MAGICAL. I watch it everyday now, especially when this song comes on (ok i like it because it is similar to John Mayer, WHATEVER).
Kristen is so sincere and loving and motherly in the movie, she's on my 'Girls I want to marry' list after Kristen Stewart from The Runaways. 
The soundtrack is awesome.


I don't think I need words now *smirks and walks away in a proud huff*

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