Sunday, 3 June 2012


I screen capped like a mad man because I think I am high and Virgin Suicides is amazing with its soft feathery touch IT IS PERFECTNESS AND LOVE IS EVERYWHERE, CONFUSED, FORBIDDEN TEENAGE LOVE THAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT AND MAKES YOUR STOMACH HURT OH YES.
And suburbs are secret places where parents smother their children and love the shit out of them only to leave behind empty eyes and mind numbing memories and together they watch TV shows about how sick the world is and how they must be safe at all times.
Yesterday dad shouted on me for going over to a boy's house for an hour even though he is just a friend and then he went crazy and said he doesn't like me going anywhere at all. I just sat in my room all day and listened to the Cults album. Sadly, he cannot keep me trapped in the house everyday so I went for a sleepover where we ate fries and watched old Bollywood movies. My head hurts now.

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