Monday, 19 March 2012

but i don't want to share my love.

I blame my lack of being an active blogger on (and yes like every other important issue, this deserves bullets)-
  • Exams followed by re-exams (because some sonovabitch decided to leak the papers).
  • A broken keyboard (For the 289379827th time, I accidentally pushed it off the table, OK?)
  • Stupid weather that cannot make up its mind. DECIDE WHO YOU WANT TO BE ALREADY, OR DIE!
  • An eye that is red and itches, particularly when I stare at the computer screen for too long.
So yeah, there I am all clean *smiles and puts John Mayer on replay*

While my mouse was still working (except the lid that came off, revealing the red laser-y surface), I did some Lakme Fashion Week browsing and, Drashta Sarvaiya is such an excellent designer.


I wish I could click more pictures, but the camera chord is ruining my life. Time to move the lazy ass *sigh*

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