Saturday, 3 March 2012

its always darkest before the dawn.

My math exam was awful. For all we know, I might FLUNK. Yeah, well in that case I need to find myself a cheap trailer park to accommodate my 13423 future cats since dad is going to disown me anyway and who will want to employ a girl who failed 11th grade math?!
I don't think I am overreacting at all. I have NEVER failed in any subject my entire life (which is just 15 years but still) and now this big black splotch on my academic record is going to scar me for the rest of my existence!
My poor father who annoys me with his unrealistic expectations will be shattered.
Bleh, I will just ask somebody about the retest schedule in advance because I WILL probably need it.
The trauma of screwing up my finals has forced me into a state of shock where I munch on peanut butter sandwiches all day while watching a VERY large number of How I Met Your Mother episodes back-to-back. My troubled mind finds solace in these beautiful alien clothes that make everything else seem insignificant.

Fall 2012 - Gareth Pugh
 Personally, I LOVE leather and fur (shiny please) so these outfits are undoubtedly, gorgeous. This collection has something powerful and potent about it. It reminds me of a fierce animal like a bear or a rhino. The hairstyle and footwear could be better though.

Fall 2012 - Badgley Mischka
I think I had a rather hormonal response to this collection which left me all warm and fuzzy inside, the way you feel during a particularly pleasant winter afternoon. It is so sparkly, shiny, smooth and furry. Its the kind of dresses I would like to wear to a retro night or maybe my prom. I like the curly bad girl hair.

Fall 2012 - Meadham Kirchhoff
As always Meadham Kirchhoff is like my absolute favorite candy. I may travel the world and taste the most exotic dishes yet, in the end I come back to my beloved piece of sugar and love. I read about the godly process that gave birth to this wonder on Rookie and I couldn't help but notice, every tiny detail that has been taken care of from perfectly colored nails to crazily painted eyebrows. How the shoes were saved at the last moment and the models had a little backstage gala of their own. The celebration and cheerfulness is somehow reflected in the clothes. Its like the most happening party in town except it isn't crappy or suffocating, in fact it radiates a certain kind of warm glow that feels like home.


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  1. One failing grade does not a career make. :-)