Sunday, 25 March 2012

floating away in oblivion.

Madame Antoinette is a huge, luxurious treasure trove of exotic french wines, sweet delicacies (pastries, tarts, tuffles you name it), precious shoes, exquisite costumes and unbelievable hair-dos. Its a visual delight actually, all the colors combined with the constant frivolity, not to mention the hooking up and parties. It did not seem like history AT ALL and I am saying this because I had French Revolution for 9th grade history and it was nowhere as awesome as this. And KRISTEN DUNST, of course, is a very important contribution to the awesomeness level. Oh and


  1. This post is spectacular. I love the pastel colours and the classiness of Antoinette. Perfect.

  2. Real nice blog. I like it.