Sunday, 25 March 2012

endless chaos.

I never thought this day would come again, when I would point my naive little cursor towards the big blue e, yes the INTERNET EXPLORER. The horrors! But after my previous, highly regrettable experience with blogger on mozilla (since all my computers hate chrome), I am reduced to this current pitiable state. IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE SPELL CHECK!!
Ever since that @!#@#$&$* person stole my camera chord AND charger, my life has been robbed of all happines and joy :(

Senior year from tomorrow *squeals in a hysterical-save-me-already way*

My right ear is blocked due to some weird infection since the past TWO days. It seems as if I live inside a box which multiplies ten fold in the night. It is an enlightening experience.

Step Up 3 is awful.
However, I LOVED 'Stand by Me' which encouraged me to go on all sorts of adventures regardless of leeches and dead bodies. The movie is truly a pleasure to the eye with its scenic beauty, but more than that its the lovely friendship between Gordie and Chris that breaks my heart. Its like you are transported to another universe altogether, full of green trees, railway tracks and campfires. You are most definitely going to hum 'Stand by me by John Lennon' ALL THE TIME for the next few days.

I am reading Little Women as I need to do read it for my English class I am an exceedingly intellectual person who only prefers red wine and expensive cigars, that do not spoil her fur coat and glass sandals. I rather like Jo, because she isn't proper like the other girls and sold her hair to earn money when her father was ill. She and Laurie will make such an adorable couple. What I am also reading is this -

I love this book.

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