Wednesday, 21 March 2012

white magic.

The last few days were heavenly, for I slept till afternoon, only to go downstairs for breakfast followed by movie marathons, sweet naps or an exciting book. Today is the very last day of my merriment as I start with the final year of high school TOMORROW *dark piano music*
While I am glad that I am embarking upon my final journey which spells 'goodbye you awful, filthy place!', I am also equally stressed about getting good grades and getting into a respectable university.
Anyhow, I watched 'Picnic at the Hanging Rock' a week ago and it blew my mind (yeah, its still somewhere flying in the universe). The angelic white girls, with their suppressed wishes and unfathomable mysteries, have a golden chance to roam about freely and explore to their heart's content. The unusual pace of the movie along with the eerily comforting music in the back, gives you a drunk (hypnotized?) feeling.

And if you read
this summary of the chapter (released later) which solves the mystery of their disappearance, I bet you won't get any sleep tonight either.

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