Saturday, 26 November 2011

And things don't turn out the way they should.

Today, after an enternity (and I am not exaggerating) my parents decided to take us out for a FAMILY outing. I have to say I am NOT fond of them. Being with my parents AND brothers in the same car for an hour is more than I can take. However, I decided to make an exception today since we were going to the International Trade Fair where I could shop endlessly for a change thanks to the constant money supply (see : dad). But things took an ugly turn when we reached late only to find a HUGE crowd. It was SO overcrowded. On top of everything, the tickets were sold out already.
So of all places on the planet, my parents took us to the zoo. I know.
Turns out, it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It was pretty nostalgic. I stuffed myself with two ice cream cones and a candy bar just like the old times.

I still can't click pictures properly. I chopped off my sister's head. I don't know why she loves that weird scarf. Memories I suppose.
Sweater : Code, Vest : John Players, Trouser : Zara, Boots : Carlton London , Scarf : Thrifted.

I look a tad too happy in these pictures. But then, for once, I really was. It didn't matter that I had a shitload of homework and an F in math. Just the clear blue sky and all those innocent animals.

Pink Top Underneath : Thrifted, Blue sweater : Thrifted, Jeans : Levis, Flats : Ginger, Scarf : Thrifted, Brooch : Westside.

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  1. oh i hope you had a good time with your family at least ! (well I hope) the shopping part must have been the most fun :)

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