Sunday, 6 November 2011

Book inspired outfit #1

I am a proud reader of cheesy romance novels that ALWAYS end happily and fill you with a warm, dizzy feeling. To an outsider, every story may seem like a repitition of an overrated plot, but a reader knows how different every single book is. It brings to life a whole new set of characters who often come across as strong, inspiring people (even if fictional) that leave an everlasting impact on our minds.
Everyone of us, in some way, can relate to the female leads. They are imperfect, yet they have unique personalities that touch our hearts. Moreover, they have a distinct style of dressing, depending on their persona (and the era).

I decided to do a little bring-me-to-life experiment with Tara York, the herione of the last book I read (Silhouette : His Majesty, M.D.) :
Tara York, in her 20's and fairly attractive, is an impossibly clumsy accident prone freak. She prefers to hide herself behind loose, crazy clothes that drive away people or particularly the greedy suitors who are merely interested in her father's volumes of wealth. She is a hardworker and stays up late at night to work on her Phd. She yearns for independence and wants to make a difference in the world.
Anyhoo, I have to gossip endlessly on phone and eat crackers study for an economics test.
So later, people.

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