Saturday, 12 November 2011


I watched Virgin Suicides for the fifth time yesterday (considering my obsession with all things vintage) followed by Clueless because I needed some cuteness before I went to bed.

(My VERY relegiously motivated mom makes a you-are-no-good face everytime she spots the DVD)

70's, neat suburbs, white picket fences, trimmed lawns, elm trees, clear blue sky, white lace, crochet, plaids, long skirts, adolescence, love, confusion, sex, curosity, desires, nostalgia, boundaries, restrictions, suffoctaion, monotony, lonliness and escapism.

The whimsical, artsy 'old school' scenes and backgrounds are hauntingly beautiful.

Film Fashion: The Virgin Suicides
I got it from here.

I am already halfaway through the book.

I have annoying parents and a test to study for.

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