Monday, 28 November 2011

lets not make sense.

I missed school today because my left eye looks like a red rainbow and I need to study for a test next week NOT for reblogging things on tumblr frantically or visiting some awesome blogs which is exactly what I am doing since morning.
Winters always make me nostalgic probably because, every year, these are the most memorable times.
For instance, when I was in 8th grade, the winter break meant Lizzie Mcguire marathons and hot chocolate. She pretty much helped me get through middle school.

Mom got me that exact unicorn sweater. I love it even though its too cute. 
Daria was another favorite.

I always wanted to be a tough and kick ass girl like her, who takes no shit and stands up for herself.

Proud Family because I loved their deep voices and sassiness.

Sweet Valley High. I remember long evening walks with my friend, who was obsessed with this show. Once, we dressed up like the twins and clicked pictures.

S Club 7. I was in love with their songs. I could always relate to Hannah. She was my idol.

I think I will take take a shower before I hit the books again.
This song is heaven.

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  1. Oohhhh Yes, I remember watching Lizzie and SVH. Aahhh :) Awesomeness! :P

    Hope your eye gets better soon!

    Take care :)